Assessment of the impacts of climate on the stability of the Amazon Forest (2015-2017)

Funding: Brazilian Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communications and IDB

Main results: Climatic changes in Amazonia can cause an economic impact of up to USD$ 3.65 trillion. Integrated ecological characterization of the AmazonFACE experimental site. Two editions of the Amazonia & Climate Change field course.


OpenNESS-Cana: Operationalisation of ecosystem services – opportunities involving bioenergy production and mandatory native vegetation areas in interior São Paulo (2013-2017)

Funding: European Comission – Seventh Framework Programme FP7

Main results: Mapping of ecosystem services provision in the region of Rio Claro – SP, Brazil. Public opinion survey in which the majority of the interviewed population showed an intention to financially help farmers to keep their forest áreas. Law bid on the Program of Payment for Ecosystem Services in the rural área of Rio Claro.


Paving the way for a CO2 enrichment experiment in the Amazon: a proposal for expertise Exchange (2013-2015)

Funding: São Paulo Research Foundation

Main results: Elaboration and publication of the AmazonFACE Science Plan and Implementation Strategy.